Monday, 6 September 2010


There's nothing wrong with a piece of paper and a pen, but sometimes having a more professional diagram of an accident is useful.

These images are from an online product called AccidentSketch.

I've had a play around with various packages from the web and AccidentSketch is my current favourite. It's free and surprisingly easy to use.

My only complaint is that it's from Germany, so a few of the traffic symbols aren't right for Australia.


The Devil's Pinata said...

Why do Germans have so many orange cars? Or is this just one really bad driver?

Dr Manhattan said...

Ha ha. For reasons known only to them, the makers of AccidentSketch have made the default colours for the cars orange and green.

There's nine colours to choose from and they're easy to change. I took some of the sample diagrams to use in this post, rather than making up new ones from scratch.

Jono Miller said...

Too much fun.
Must work now.