Sunday, 31 January 2010

Welcome back

We're back, just in time for the start of the new Legal Year.

I'm feeling rested and refreshed after my brief travels overseas, and the Elucubrator assures me that he's elucubrating like he's never elucubrated before.

A month into the operation of the new Evidence Act and Criminal Procedure Act and the most noticeable change to summary courtrooms is the slightly different oath now in use. The to the court in this case has gone missing, leaving the rest sounding like a familiar song performed in the wrong key.

AustLII have dropped the ball with the new Acts. Their Criminal Procedure Act is of 11 March 2009, and their Evidence Act is the version current as of 16 September 2008! (That's the problem with having automated updates.) The Legal Services Board of Victoria gave AustLII a grant of $840,000 to create the Victorian Model Legal Jurisdiction. Though I know they'll be trying their best, I'm not sure that the LSB would consider they're getting value for money just now.

Partially because of this (but for many other reasons as well) we've created pages that have the Evidence Act 2008 and Criminal Procedure Act 2009 reproduced in their entirety, and we'll be linking to them in future when discussing the new legislation.

Have a look at them and be sure to let us know what you think. They're still in development and the plan is to add commentary to them as Victorian authorities are handed down.