Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Judicial College free feeds

The Judicial College website has been revamped, and now features RSS feeds for updates to its publications.

The actual feed is a little hard to find. Tip: look for the standard feed icon....

The College provides a link to an RSS reader, but I recommend Google's free reader.

Once you subscribe to the feed, any updates to the College's website will be delivered straight to your reader without you needing to remember to visit the site. A great way to keep up-to-date.

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Dr Manhattan said...

Also worth mentioning is the new Evidence Act manual that the College has begun to roll out.

Uniform Evidence Manual

It's only up to s.75 so far, so many of the most challenging aspects of the new Act haven't been discussed yet. It doesn't have many references to case law (yet) but represents an earnest attempt to make the changes easier to understand (though in some cases, to be honest, I've found that it's easier to simply read the original text of the legislation).

This is a great free resource, and should provoke some fresh discussion and debate when the commentary concerning tendency, identification, the discretions to exclude, etc. are released.