Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Drink, Drive, Bloody i-Diot

If you don't value your licence, why not rely on an untested series of statistical tables (aka DrinkTracker) to determine whether you're safe to drive home?

I'm a big fan of apps for the i-Phone (the X-ray app being a personal favourite) but I wouldn't trust my life (or anyone else's) to them. The problem with statistics is that by definition they represent someone else's situation, not yours. (And the animation of three increasingly sozzled blokes engaging in a skolling competition at the top of their webpage doesn't engender much confidence, either).

But from the on-line discussion about them, it seems there are some people who will.

There's also an app that can tell you the nutritional value of your favourite beverage. I think I might take the risk with that one ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see that working in court -

"Look your Honour, I had this all worked out on my Palm Pilot ... oops, forgot to carry the 7."

If you reckon you are over, you probably are!