Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Much to talk about?

Well, this seems to have kicked off with gusto.

Reading the posts, I realised what I was thinking of setting up was a traditional sort of blog where folks comment on posts. I started removing author-access for folks...and then I thought, "Why not give everyone author access?"

What do you think? Should we all be able to create new posts, and comment on them? It seems a good idea. The only downside I can see is that we can quickly create so much material, it's hard to keep up with it.

But I'm a firm believer it is better to give people too much information, rather than not enough. It's not as if we can't search a blog.



Tim Havelock said...

I'm not sure i immediately recognise the significance of the distinction between "commenting' on a post, and 'posting' on a blog.
who can see what?
I'm up for everyone to see everything, and thoughts also wanderered around in my mind about the orgasnisational difficulties of so much information. But i guess its better to have the information and have some time finding it, that not have it at all.

Sir Timothy.

Kyle said...

A post is a new entry. It can only be created by an author.

Anyone (with access to this blog) can comment on a post. Comments appear under a post.

A traditional blog has one author (me), and the rest of the proletariat can only comment on what I deign post on my blog.

If everyone has author rights, you can all create a new post. That becomes similar to a discussion forum. (Perhaps I should create a discussion forum?)

Tim Havelock said...

I think author rights are easier to follow blogs through. who is going to be Miss Moneypenny?

Kyle said...

Well, Sir Timothy (I know who you are), I looked at the way a blog works, and then looked at something called Google Groups.

For multiple contributions and posts, Google Groups is a far simpler setup, and far easier to view and sort through. It's basically a discussion forum.

So, I've filled everyone's inbox with yet more invites, this time as readers, not authors!

I'll setup a Google Group, and send invites for that as a discussion forum. Sorry for the short-term pain, but it'll be much easier in the long term!